Ep 77 - Kayla Drescher

In this episode I chat to Los Angeles based performer Kayla Drescher who provides a fascinating insight into life as a gigging Close-Up Magician in the USA. Kayla won a competition a few years ago where David Copperfield searched for the next great magician on a TV show and choose Kayla as the overall winner and took her on a tour of his incredible warehouse and museum in Las Vegas, she shares the story of that incredible experience here. Kayla is also one of the cast members of Champions of Magic and discusses her time with the show.

Also in this episode Alan Hudson returns to discuss 'whats going on' and a competition is launched in association with Giggio to win a Gold Pass for this years Blackpool Magic Convention.

Kayla Drescher is the co-host of her own podcast called Shezam which you can listen to here: http://www.shezampod.com/

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