Chris & Andreas Ehrlich take to the podcast hot seat eight days before their debut show in the UK at Wembley Arena in London. The Ehrlich Brothers are a sensation in Germany regularly selling out 10000 seat arenas twice a day with their incredible illusion show, in this interview they tell us what the audience can expect at Wembley. They also talk us through how they went from corporate event magicians to household names in their native land and how along that path they nearly sold one of their creations to David Copperfield. Also they provide us with an insight into the development of their incredible motorbike from iPad illusion, the appearing monster truck, bending railway tracks and perhaps their most innovative creation to date The Live Teleportation as well as the reason for their recent expansion into Europe. They also provide us with a sneak peak as to what audiences can expect from their new show coming in 2020 called Dream & Fly.

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